merry christmas 12/25/2009
hey merry christmas.  this year, i got:

pink snuggie
adorable boots!
a reaally nice pink straightner from the mall  (it was $150!!)
two jumbo jars of nutella (from my sis)
cell phone charms from my bro (and i dont even have a cell...grrr)
ugg moccasins
book (from the clique series)
$100 gift card to billabong :]  (shopping spreee)
world's largest reese's peanut butter cups (they are f'n hugeeee!!!)
a shit load of clothes

kaay byee ♥
winter dance 12/12/2009
kay well there was a dance last night. it sucked. alot. we really need to get a new dj. anyway like nobody was dancing and then towards the end of the night there was like kinda somee drama..but thank god there wasnt alot. the only good part about last night was going to allies house before the dance and going to the diner after the dance! damn those belgiam waffles with ice cream are really good. haaha. today was pretty boring. i was at the schembors all day making sugar cookies then when i got home i decided to try to make meringue cookies.... how could i mess up something soo easy to make?! im soo stoooopid, they came out horrible. madeee the fire alarm go off...heehe. kay well its like 11 at night and im like getting tired soo byeeee
okaaay so first i just wanna say that i think that its really sad that no one ever comments. so like if you wanna be my friend , you like need to leave me a comment. ha yeah so anyyyywayzz, hm whats going on in my lifeee?? well cheer just started. and im NOT a captin. uh oh well. ill get over it. oh yaay its wednesday! my favee show comes on! *glee* wooh! it comes on fox at 9 so you better watch it.  uh my bff carly is going to that z1000 jingle ball concert in nyc and my other bff lauren is going to see nick jonas in concert...uh im never invited to go to concerts. boo hooo. and i love them soo much. i saw kelly clarkson, the jonas brothers (twice) and the naked brothers band (dont laugh, i actually used to be a fan!) omg im totally just like babbling on about nothing now soo i better gooo before i get tooo carried away!! xo, victoriaa
Halloween :] 11/18/2009
hi! i know its like been a while since ive actually blogged about something actually "interesting"...well um, i only have like 3 other posts soo i guess the only interesting one would be the one about justin bieber (cuz he is always interseting...duhh)  okaay soo anyway, ive been wannting to write about halloween! i know that was like sort of a longish time ago but i dont care im talking about it anyway!!!! okay so mee and my POSSIE (lauren carly, jules, and allie) went as sailors! omg we were the cutest sailors evaaa! anyway i was a bit dissapointed cuz i got like NO candy! totally upsetting! but whatevaa! then we went to a party at carlys house! i thought it was super fun! we like chilled around a bonfiree then we watched a scaaary movie! plus, i met a totally awesome kid named tom! (haha of course i have to mention him! ;]  ) blaahh blah um okay soo yeaah the movie we watched was haunting in conneticut and it was aahh!! SCARY! i slept over laurens house that night and woke up in the middle of the night screaming! wow im a loser... okaay well thats basically it about halloween but i just thought i should have a post on it! be sure to check back soon cuz i will deff have some new posts up laaater! xoxoxo
heeey! okaay well i havee some kinndaa sad news! im not reeaaly getting that many views for my website! omg today i only got 23! can you believe that?! thats like the lowest its ever been! okaay soo i need you to do me a hugee favor!  ...can you please pleeease get anyone and everyone you know to view my website! also, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write to me in the comments box! love ya! xo, victoriaaa
justin bieber 07/29/2009
yo! k well as u prob allready know, i am in love with justin bieber. he has a single out that youu can buy on itunes. it's called "One Time"  it's a great song and i'm listening to it right now! youu should deffinitely buy it!h

Heeyy 07/26/2009

Hey guys it's meee! Okay sooo I'm totally new to this whole "website" thing so I'm not really suree what to do now! haha....but you should totally leave mee comments if you have any ideas of like what i should add to my totally awesome website or even if you just wanna say hi!
xoxo, me