hi! i know its like been a while since ive actually blogged about something actually "interesting"...well um, i only have like 3 other posts soo i guess the only interesting one would be the one about justin bieber (cuz he is always interseting...duhh)  okaay soo anyway, ive been wannting to write about halloween! i know that was like sort of a longish time ago but i dont care im talking about it anyway!!!! okay so mee and my POSSIE (lauren carly, jules, and allie) went as sailors! omg we were the cutest sailors evaaa! anyway i was a bit dissapointed cuz i got like NO candy! totally upsetting! but whatevaa! then we went to a party at carlys house! i thought it was super fun! we like chilled around a bonfiree then we watched a scaaary movie! plus, i met a totally awesome kid named tom! (haha of course i have to mention him! ;]  ) blaahh blah um okay soo yeaah the movie we watched was haunting in conneticut and it was aahh!! SCARY! i slept over laurens house that night and woke up in the middle of the night screaming! wow im a loser... okaay well thats basically it about halloween but i just thought i should have a post on it! be sure to check back soon cuz i will deff have some new posts up laaater! xoxoxo

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