yo! k well as u prob allready know, i am in love with justin bieber. he has a single out that youu can buy on itunes. it's called "One Time"  it's a great song and i'm listening to it right now! youu should deffinitely buy it!h


katie way

hi i luv justin 2. omg hes so hott. i already have the song one time on my ipod and its realy good. i listen 2 it all the time. any1 who reads this, i think u should definetly buy his song! oh and btw cool website thing. i think im gona make one 2. and when i do, ill tell u wut it is so u can check it out! biiiiii


heyy as well i love justin bieber!! and of course have hiis song!!! i liive riite near u 2!! i liv in sea bright....but anyway i was on a website and saw ur websiite its prety cool and i saw ont he website how u said u thiink justin should sum to shrewsburry or however u spell it. lol. and if he did it would be sooo freakin amaziing!!!!!!!


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