okaaay so first i just wanna say that i think that its really sad that no one ever comments. so like if you wanna be my friend , you like need to leave me a comment. ha yeah so anyyyywayzz, hm whats going on in my lifeee?? well cheer just started. and im NOT a captin. uh oh well. ill get over it. oh yaay its wednesday! my favee show comes on! *glee* wooh! it comes on fox at 9 so you better watch it.  uh my bff carly is going to that z1000 jingle ball concert in nyc and my other bff lauren is going to see nick jonas in concert...uh im never invited to go to concerts. boo hooo. and i love them soo much. i saw kelly clarkson, the jonas brothers (twice) and the naked brothers band (dont laugh, i actually used to be a fan!) omg im totally just like babbling on about nothing now soo i better gooo before i get tooo carried away!! xo, victoriaa
12/19/2009 03:17:41 am

dudee you need a hobby or something!!! haha jk..btw im pissed at u.. umm ill explain l8r whenn u can actually tlk to ha kay wel byee have fun in virginia!! me..



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