Here's A Little About Meee.......


heeeyyy there! i'm Victoria and thanks soo much for visiting my page! okay, so here's a little about me, i have blond-ish hair and blue eyes. i loveee my kitties! they are so cute, we got them about a year ago but they are still so small. their names are princess and temperence and they are gorgeous siamese kittens. i also have another cat, his name is tyler. he's an older cat but i still love him! i absolutely love tennis and i play as much as i can. i also love softball, soccer, and cheer! i live on the jersey shore so i am always at the beach. i really want to learn how to surf but i never got around to signing up for any camps...maybe next year! i also have alot of great friends like allie, carly, lauren, jules and soo many more! me and  Lauren skateboard together. i know it sounds weird cuz we are girls and we like to skate but it is actually really fun. i am not super amazing...but pretty soon i will be!! we both got our boards at a surf and skate shop in red bank called stokaboka. hm...what else about me...oh how could i forget to mention that i love the jonas brothers! make sure youu check out the video i have of the jonas borthers concert i went to. my fave girrl celebs are deff taylor swift and miley cyrus. but more than anybody...i LOVE justin bieber!! i pinky promise that one day i am going to marry that kid!! well that's all for now! Buhhh Byeee!!